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Commodore 1902 Monitor

I have been unable to find a 1902 service manual but at least at first glance the Commodore 2002 monitor is a close match:

  • Layout and Electrolytics match on Power board and Video board
  • Layout of Main board appears to be nearly identical
  • Main Board markings on the 1902 are:
    • (5AS) 2061758-818 ELNA-87 94V-0
  • Main Board markings on the 2002 Service Manual are:
    • (5AS) 2061758-800 ELNA-87 94V-0

Capacitor List

Note: These capacitor values and locations appear to match page 25 of the service manual for the Commodore 2002.

Main Board
C207 10uF (M) 25V BP
C209 2.2uF (M) 50V  
C210 220uF (M) 16V  
C212 100uF (M) 16V  
C213 1uF (M) 50V  
C307 0.22uF (M) 25V  
C308 0.22uF (M) 25V  
C309 4.7uF (M) 50V  
C310 0.22uF (M) 25V  
C311 0.22uF (M) 25V  
C401 47uF (M) 16V 4.7uF 25V and BP(NP) in 2002 service manual but actual value is on the left.
C402 4.7uF 25V BP (Also not on the C2002 Capacitor list but is on the layout)
C403 2.2uF (M) 50V  
C406 1uF (M) 50V  
C413 100uF (M) 35V Small
C414 1000uF (M) 25V  
C415 22uF (M) 25V BP
C416 220uF (M) 25V  
C417 100uF (M) 16V  
C420 10uF (M) 25V BP
C441 4.7uF (M) 50V  
C452 100uF (M) 35V Small
C458 1uF (M) 50V  
C460 10uF (M) 25V  
C477 10uF (M) 25V  
C478 1uF (M) 50V  
C491 47uF (M) 16V  
C511 22uF 160V  
C512 33uF 160V  
C701 47uF 160V  
C703 1000uF 16V  
C704 2200uF (M) 16V  
C706 1000uF (M) 35V  
C708 47uF (M) 35V  
C710 1000uF 16V  
C801 4.7uF (M) 50V  
C802 4.7uF (M) 50V  
C803 100uF (M) 16V  
C805 330uF (M) 16V  
C807 1000uF 16V  
C809 10uF (M) 25V  
C7218 22uF (M) 25V  

Video P.C. Board
C201 1uF (M) 50V  
C202 1uF (M) 50V  
C203 100uF (M) 16V  
C301 10uF (M) 25V  

Neck P.C. Board
C251 10uF 160V  

Power P.C. Board
C509 470uF 200V  

These are on main board but under the shielding
C531 100uF (M) 10V  
C535 100uF (M) 10V  
C7201 330uF (M) 10V Small
C7202 220uF (M) 16V Small - Value in the manual is 330uF (M) 10V
C7203 330uF (M) 10V Small
C7204 330uF (M) 10V Small
C7207 1uF (M) 50V  
C7208 10uF (M) 25V  
C7209 10uF (M) 25V  
C7210 10uF (M) 25V  
C7211 33uF (M) 16V Corrected. Typed 22 rather than 33 the first time.
C7212 1uF (M) 50V  
C7213 1uF (M) 50V  
C7214 220uF (M) 16V Small
C7216 0.47uF (M) 50V  
C7217 0.47uF (M) 50V  
C7220 47uF (M) 10V Value in the manual is 470uF (M) 10V

Other Parts

My board had a "Vertical Collapse" problem along with some leaky and bad capacitors. Replaciong the following part resolved my issue:
  • uPC1378H - Vertical Deflection IC

Also purchased but didn't use:
  • LA7823 Genuine SANYO Sync / Deflection IC


  • 1902_Top.jpg:

  • 1902_Bottom.jpg:

  • 1902_Cap_next_to_flyback_C512.jpg:

  • 1902_Caps_around_flyback.jpg:

  • 1902_Caps_under_harness_mess.jpg:

  • 1902_Power_and_Video_Boards.jpg:

  • 1902_Large_Heatsink_Label.jpg:

  • 1902_Under_Shielding.jpg:
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