Frequently Asked Questions

This is a real FAQ, and also a demo of an easily implemented knowledge-base solution. You may view the code for the topic creator or raw text of the whole topic to see how it was done.
  • FAQTemplate is used to populate new FAQ topics with their default content
  • FAQForm is the DataForms definition used on the FAQ topics. Also implements autocomplete function for the RelatedTopics field
  • FAQViewTemplate controls how FAQForm topics look when viewed
  • FAQEditTemplate controls how FAQForm topics look when edited
  • AutoViewTemplatePlugin activates FAQViewTemplate and FAQEditTemplate for topics that have FAQForm attached to them
  • JQueryWikiWord "wikifies" the free-text Title field into a valid WikiWord topic name, prefixed with FAQ
  • JQueryTextboxList for autocomplete functionality on the RelatedTopics field
  • JQREQUIRE activates jQuery javascript plugins in the browser
  • ADDTOZONE inserts in-line javascript to the appropriate place in the rendered page
  • URLPARAM is used to relay the autocomplete request from the web browser into a part of a SEARCH query
  • SEARCH On this topic, displays all topics with FAQForm attached that have TopicClassification set to FrequentlyAskedQuestion. In the FAQForm topic, SEARCH generates the suggested list of topics for a given autocomplete request
  • MAKETEXT will try to use a translation appropriate for the logged-in user's language preference for the string given to it
  • INCLUDE allows topics to re-use content from other topics
  • STARTSECTION/ENDSECTION allows INCLUDE to include specific parts of a topic
  • TWISTY allows hidden content such as this

List of FAQs

FAQ topics found in System web:

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  • How to hide groups and users from common view Answer
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  • I've problems with the WebSearch. There is no Search Result on any inquiry. By clicking the Index topic it's the same problem. Answer
  • What happens if two or more users try to edit the same topic simultaneously? Answer
  • A plugin I installed is not working. How can I troubleshoot it? Answer
  • So what is this WikiWiki thing exactly? Answer

More FAQs

You can create your own local FAQ topics specific to your site. If you create your own FAQs, please consider sharing them at Foswiki:Support.FAQ so that your work may benefit others.

ALERT! These topics are for frequently asked questions including answers. Do not use this to ask support questions!

Create a new FAQ topic


Give this FAQ a descriptive title, e.g. "Explanation of ..."


Summarize your question in a few simple words, e.g. "I did this ..., how do I ..."

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