Amiga OS4 Final Edition Notes


SMBFS Configuration Notes

It looks like smbfs doesn't work with an IP address. A quick workaround is to setup a host in AmigaOS network config pointing to your Samba server.

Here is a script to map a share:
wait 1
stack 512000
run >nil: SMBFS volume="My Volume" workgroup=<Workgroup> service=//servername/share user=<user> password=<password>

SMBFS Issues

smbfs 1.102 from Sourceforge seems to be unstable on OS4 Final Edition. I can connect to my Samba server and I can browse most folders however some folders are inaccessible. I am also unable to copy large files to my server. When copying a large file, only about 16K is actually written to the server and Workbench basically locks up.

Increasing stack size had no effect.


The 1.74 version of smbfs on Aminet seems to work without issues.

Dev Kit Issues

One of the first things I did was install SDK version 53.30 and try to compile a couple of my projects. It's been years but I don't remember needing to do anything other than install the SDK. This time I was greeted with the following when compiling.
error: proto/muimaster.h: No such file or directory

I added -I/SDK/MUI/C/include to my compile flags. This got rid of the MUI errors but now I die on ST_SOFTLINK undefined. Switching back to the old SDK allows me to compile with no errors.
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